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CITY OF THE DEAD/HORROR HOTEL movie trailer (1960)

First Amicus production even though the name is not official at the time.
This very weird British film that tries to look like Roger Corman's adaptions of Poe. Considering the latter took a great deal of inspiration from the Hammer gothics films, you can see the irony of it all.

A lot of copies have been put on the dvd market. Very few are the complet English version.

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Reviewer: Greg K - - May 8, 2012
Subject: FAKED trailer
I just saw this tonight on the VCI dvd release, and could immediately tell that this "trailer" is very obviously faked/recreated. It's VERY obvious the "City of the Dead" titles (among other on-screen text) were re-created by video/computer...this is NOT an original trailer for the movie. VCI even has this listed on the DVD as "American trailer", which it is NOT. The American title was "Horror Hotel". VCI should be ashamed of themselves for faking this and ripping people off.

"First Amicus production even though the name is not official at the time."

That is quite incorrect. The FIRST Amicus production was "Ring-a-Ding Rhythm!". This movie was produced independently by Milton Subotsky and Max Rosenberg, who started Amicus two years later....but this is NOT an Amicus production, even with its two founders as producers.

This also does NOT try to look like Corman's Poe films, which were somewhat brighter and colorful. This film is a quite different look and is much darker...and the director himself stated he had never seen a Hammer film at the time (this was his first movie), so there is no "irony" whatsoever because the director had no Hammer inspiration at all. He'd never seen one of those.

Would be a good idea to get your facts straight instead of making things up for the sake of a sensationalistic comment. This isn't the first video with an incorrect comment/review posted along with it that I've seen here.
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